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LEAD is passionate about giving our clients goals to strive for and tangible ways to feel successful. We take on their aspirations and develop a strategy to work towards achievable goals that contribute to their ability to participate in life.

Would you like to see your family member achieving goals, gaining skills and having new experiences?

Building individual capacity

Before your family member is ready to participate in community activities, you may need help in assisting them to develop specific skills. This could be building communication skills in different group activities, managing their money or learning about public transport. A big part of learning and growing is being allowed to fail sometimes. Failing can give us important life lessons and recovering from them gives us new perspectives. We also believe in fading supports wherever possible by finding ways our clients can manage on their own.



We will work one-on-one with you and your family to find options that best suit their needs. For example, they may not be ready for work yet but they could gain a range of skills, knowledge and confidence by volunteering. We like to make sure that the role they undertake makes an authentic contribution to society and their efforts really are valuable.



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I want to find a job

We can help you find short or long-term employment opportunities in your area that match your skill set and needs.

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We can help you become an active member of your community through training, groups and organisations.

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