How we help

What do you want? We bet it's the same things as us- good relationships, fun interests and the ability to make a meaningful contribution to your community.

We can help you achieve your potential by learning about your strengths and finding opportunities where you can use them. Our services use a person- directed approach and include employment, community access and support. Our approach could help you or someone you care for to become an active citizen.

I want to find a job

We can help you find short or long-term employment opportunities in your area that match your skill set and needs.

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I want to be part of my community

We can help you become an active member of your community through training, groups and organisations.

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I want to help my family member

We can help you support someone you care for to build their capacity and strive for goals.

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Working with you
in the right direction

What is your story? Everyone comes to LEAD with their own history, skills and unique set of challenges. We want to know about you so contact us today.

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