We have been helping people with disability to find valued employment for over 25 years. We are a part of the Disability Employment Services and we provide specialist services to support and seek out opportunities for people with disabilities. Our employees gain a lot from being employed with us including an income, new skills and valued efforts.

How will you find something for my specific needs?

We are experts at finding solutions. If you are reliable and want to work, we will search for opportunities to suit your specific needs. We are always looking to learn about the unique prospects in your area. If you're not sure whether we can help you, call us to chat about your story, your needs and worries.

What if I don't have the skills?

We believe that life satisfaction comes from growth and development. We will look for a job that matches your skill set and where it's needed, we will also provide specific training to help you prepare for work. For example if you need to catch a bus to your workplace we can give you the skills and training to be confident to take the bus on your own.

What sorts of jobs are available?

There are lots of different jobs available. It is entirely dependent on your situation.

There are two ways LEAD can help you find a job

We employ you

You are employed directly through LEAD to do a range of jobs for businesses and organisations in the community. A LEAD staff member works with three or four employees to get a specific job done. There are opportunities for working in industries such as horticulture, commercial cleaning and mail management.

We find you employment

We seek out opportunities to assist people to find independent employment. During the process we provide job support for employees and employers. We will also help with job setup and skills development.

I want to be part of my community

We can help you become an active member of your community through training, groups and organisations.

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I want to help my family member

We can help you support someone you care for to build their capacity and strive for goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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