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We provide mutually beneficial work opportunities for people with disabilities. Our team engage with you and assess your workplace to ensure we match the right person and skill set for your role. Each of our employees receives the support they need to remain engaged and committed to their work over time.

We have experience with a variety of government, construction and business organisations. Our services cover both temporary contracts and permanent employment. Employers continue to return to us because our workforce make a valuable contribution to their workplace.


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Our Services

Workforce contracting

We deliver a wide range of services in a team setting such as commercial cleaning and horticulture.

Permanent Recruitment

We are experts at finding the right person for your role. We can work closely with you to make sure we find the best person for your workplace.

Temporary Placement

We can provide someone for a casual or last minute job, ranging from one day to several months. We have a ready work force and a can-do attitude.

Working with you
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What is your story? Everyone comes to LEAD with their own history, skills and unique set of challenges. We want to know about you so contact us today.

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